1 to 1 Online Coaching

Who are you?

Are you new to sales and need a starting point with guidance or are you a seasoned professional looking to better your sales performance? Maybe you are launching your own business and you don’t know the first thing about selling? Is it just that you avoid certain areas of the sales process because your feel out of your comfort zone? Perhaps you just need some inspiration and sales motivation!

What can JustGoSell do for you?

We personalise sales coaching to fit your needs and explore and nurture your skills and together discover fresh ideas. You’ll develop a sound sales strategy and gain confidence in promoting your service, product or business and achieve a solid foundation to grow your sales.

Whatever your sales requirements, whether you have little or no sales experience or are a seasoned professional, our 1 to 1 Online Coaching is a personalised training tailor made to you!

What is included in the 1 to 1 Online Coaching?

Our FREE 50 minute trial is an initial get-to-know each other season where we can chat and guide out where you need to start or what areas you would like to improve on. We look at any challenges you are having in your sales process and make a plan for that which we can implement together.

With the map laid out we will embark on 3 LIVE COACHING sessions of 50 minute duration where we will work together to fulfil this plan and start the journey to smashing those sales targets. A review of each session will be sent to you so you can focus on this area until our next meet.

Once all our coaching sessions are finished, you’ll have around 6 – 8 weeks to implement everything you have learned. We’ll have another great coaching session for 50 minutes to see how this has gone and tweak any areas that need.


Upon completion you will be eligible to purchase further single sessions anytime you feel you need a little more guidance or perhaps you’ll want to learn something new altogether.


You will be sent pre-invitations to Webinars with special discount pricing when you reserve your seat before the rest

Colin Knowles is the co-founder of JustGoSell.com, a Sales Coach and and extreme passionate advocate of selling and the sales process. With now 25+ years in the sales culture, he believes the key to great selling throughout your career is all about Continual Performance Improvement.

Published author of JustGoSell – A Practical Guide to Successful Selling is a notable guide for beginners and accomplished sales professionals as you can always refresh your knowledge and learn a new technique or gain a new way of thinking to improve your targets and productivity.

Work together with him in this great opportunity for personalised 1 to 1 Online Coaching and learn how to revolutionise your selling potential.

The initial trial is FREE – NO CREDIT CARD REQUIRED!

So what are you waiting for?

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