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business startup sales training

Have you just set up on your own and the thought of selling makes you uneasy?  Maybe you are thinking of starting a small home based business and don’t know the first thing about sales?  Perhaps you are brand new to sales and need some guidance?  As a small business, are your business cards not bringing you any business?  Do you just need a simple, practical and logical sales strategy for your small company?

Wbusiness startup sales coachinghether you have little or no sales experience, our online interactive business startup course will provide you with a clear starting point and direction.  Starting with the basics of the sales process we will coach and develop your skills so you’ll gain confidence in promoting your business and product.  You’ll feel comfortable conversing with prospects and have a solid sales strategy.  This course is not designed as a quick fix or short term solution, but focuses on introducing, developing and strengthening your sales ability.

The course is designed to be taken through online coaching sessions over stages and e-mail consultations to suit your time frame and is designed to accommodate from 1 to 6 persons.  Please refer to our Corporate Training packages for onsite courses.

Prices starting from €1995

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