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1 to 1 online coaching Just Go Sell

Are you new to sales and need a starting point?  Are you a seasoned professional looking to better your sales performance?  Do you avoid certain areas of the sales process because you feel out of your comfort zone?  Are you in sales management and want to add some zest in to your sales huddles?  Do you just need some inspiration and motivation?

Whatever your sales requirements, the 1 to 1 course is a personalized coaching session made just for you. Following1 to 1 Online Coaching Just Go Sell an initial online consultation we will design a tailor made program to help you achieve your goals.  Live 1 to 1 coaching sessions and a home module designed to assist you develop your new skills are included in the package.  With the right attitude, determination and focus, this course will give you the solid foundation and direction you need to launch you and your career to the next level.

Our personal coaching package comes as 5 sessions of a 50 minute duration.  Included is a FREE 30 minute initial consultation so we can get straight to work identifying the areas you’d like to explore and improve.  On completion of the 5 sessions, further coaching can be purchased in individual sessions.

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