Ultimate Sales Professional is a game-changing sales training program for anyone ready to excel in selling products, services or ideas.

Designed especially for beginners, our engaging short videos give you a deep understanding of the sales process, tailored to suit your own personality.

Our aim is to equip you with the confidence and foundation to sell consistently and effectively. Whether you’re a home-based entrepreneur, a newcomer to sales, or a small business owner looking to master the art of selling…..look no further.

Say goodbye to sales anxiety and endless internet searches for fragmented advice.



I was lucky enough to have Colin as a Sales Trainer/Coach for several years. His out of the box thinking, ideas and training have been a huge asset to me and my colleagues.

Colin is a fantastic sales coach who’s knowledge and skill set is certain to produce results for clients of all sales backgrounds and industries.

I would recommend his sales and management training to anyone…..from the top producer to the newest member of a sales team.

Stevens Lancelot – Senior Sales Consultant

I have worked with Colin in timeshare industry during four years with other fellows. All along this period of time, I could appreciate Colins coaching skills.

As a sales mentor, Colin is really eager to transmit his know-how and taught us many different sales skills. Moreover, he also made us realise how important a positive mindset is.

Very dynamic and a hard worker, Colin has strong qualities in communication and an excellent capacity to adapt to the audience needs and diversity.

Corinne Casenave – Real Estate Advisor

When you work with Colin, you truly have a partner who wants you to succeed. His creative approach to sales training and sales philosophy has helped his colleagues and his clients become more clinical, tactical and financially successful in all areas.

Colin’s sales approach is based on the person and where they are in their career. This enables him to create a program that will suit the individual to help them succeed beyond their own expectations.

Regardless of what sales career you are in, Colin will be able to help due to his out of the box approach.

I would recommend Colin to anyone who wants to reach the next level in their sales success and financial earnings.

Will Kerfoot – Director

During my career as a sales rep in the holiday business in 7 different countries, I’ve seen many successful managers and coaches.

However, meeting Colin was something very different. I would say and absolute upgrade.

His knowledge and experience in sales and coaching activities, his dedication, perfected skills, ability to generate positivity and to motivate everyone in his company…..all of this was simply amazing. A true professional approach.

As a person: very kind, funny, loyal and always supportive. With his coaching, one can only perform better and better, reaching top levels.

Highly recommended!

Leon Kersevan – Sales Executive

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