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For the first time ever we are combining our 3 signature courses and creating one DYNAMIC SUPER COURSE that covers it all.


Completing this course will give you all the tools to develop every aspect of your sales ability and skills.

Each subject is delivered by a series of videos with an accompanying workbook to get the best out of all the knowledge that you are learning. Our delivery is informative yet light, covering a wide spectrum of themes.

Combining the course content and webinars is designed to boost your skills giving you the best opportunity to increase your sales and earning potential.

See our 3 Signature Courses included in USP below!

Sales Foundations

In Sales Foundations you will understand the components that build a solid sales presentation and gain the ability to allow your clients to buy rather than selling to them. You’ll develop your own sales strategy and gain direction.

The Pyramid of Sales

Every sales presentation needs structure and great structures need solid foundations. In this module, we build a dynamic pyramid using 5 key elements essential to consistent selling. Gain the rock solid foundation you need to sell with confidence.

Smart Questioning

ESSENTIAL!!! If Smart Questioning is to be summed up in one word of its importance in the sales process, then that’s it. The quality and clarity of your questions will determine the impact your product has when it’s time to showcase to your clients. Executed correctly, Smart Questioning will boost virtually every part of the sales process. Work smart, not hard!

Learn The Lingo

Do you ever wish building relationships with clients was easier? Having the ability to bond with your clients is a key component in achieving a positive purchase decision. This module is all about gaining clients trust, making them more responsive and comfortable in your company; FAST!

Value, Excitement & Urgency

Tired of clients walking away to think it over? Discover the 3 ingredients that make the recipe for a solid sale. We focus in this module on how to get your clients super excited about your product and increase its value. You’ll discover how to create urgency and top tips to stop buyers remorse.

The 4 Pillars of Selling

Logic and hard selling of emotional and empathic selling? Which do you prefer? In this module, you’ll develop a great balance in your selling ability by learning to use traits you once avoided. The goal is to make you more adaptable, approachable and a better equipped sales professional.

The Modern Prospect

To sell more, we need to know how to approach today’s client. To do this, we really need to understand them. In this module, we take a fresh look at The Modern Prospect and the key steps we must adapt to make our sales approach acceptable and effective.

Sale on the Day

“We’ll buy it now!”

Tired of your prospects walking away to think it over, never to return? Does your business card never bring you any business? Get the sale now; not later or tomorrow! If you need your prospects to make the decision right now, this is the module to show you how.

Sales Skills Development

Develop all the skills necessary to get those sales. Learn, develop and master the sales skills acceptable to the modern prospect. Understand how to get sales the right way and gain essential closing skills to get those extra sales. Learn how to add value to your product or service.

Active Listening

There are 2 ways to listen to your clients; the right way and the wrong way. Get it wrong and you appear to care more about your commission than them…..OUCH! This module covers much more than the ability to keep quiet and not interrupt as Active Listening is an essential sales skill for any serious professional.

Asking for the Sale

Time to ask the big question without nerves, hesitation or crumbling. All your hard work is done and it’s now time to ask your prospects to buy. In this module, we are going to be looking at how to approach the question and what to say. If you have challenges getting yourself in the zone to ask for the sale then this is the perfect module for your!

The Elevator Pitch

“Hold the elevator!” Sizzle your prospects with a descriptive short blast of exactly what your product does in the time it takes to ride and elevatory. By the time they reach their desired floor, they’ll have a great overview of exactly what you and your product are all about. This module is essential if your product or service is complex or has many features.

Features, Advantages & Benefits

FABs is a key sales skill that is a “must” in your sales bag. It’s one of the most effective tools you’ll ever have to completely personalise your product and demonstrate how it is simply the perfect solution to your clients needs. FABs builds value and in this module we’ll be sharing a great technique that allows your clients to feel the real and tangible benefits of what owning your product would bring to them.

Handling Objections

Learn to love objections and turn them into sales! If you believe objections are disagreements, opposition, refusals or disapprovals from your clients; then this module will reverse those sales stopping thoughts. We’ll be taking a look at exactly what objections are and how to overcome them successfully. Instead of sweeping them under the carpet, you’ll be looking to find them!

Picture Painting

In this module we are going to be looking at a great way to grab the undivided attention of your clients by creating powerful imaging. Picture Painting is essential in all forms of selling that creates engagement. Put your creative hats on and let’s design a masterpiece.


Need to reassure your clients? Boost your company credibility? Want another effective way to handle objections? Then this is the module for your. This is a very easy sales skill to learn and adapt to your presentations and is extremely effective.


A widely discussed topic in the world of sales that often leads to confusion. We sort the myths from the facts to give you a good all round understanding of the sales closing and how it fits in to the sales process. This module will give you a big confidence boost in your ability to close effectively and efficiently.

Image & Personal Growth

Gain confidence in your ability and become a Professional Sales Consultant. Discover how to gain trust and form lasting relationships. Understand the benefits of a great attitude and be in control of the situation.

Sales Exec or Professional Consultant

You’ve seen both printed business cards but actions speak louder than words. The difference separates a person that sells occasionally to one that sells with consistency. In this module, we understand what it takes to become the difference.


As you can’t escape your attitude, it is essential you learn how to control it and use it to your advantage. In sales, your attitude will 100% affect your selling capability one way or another. Acquiring and maintaining a great attitude is what this module is all about.


You never get a second chance to make a fist impression and that’s what this module is all about. From procrastination to great time management, we share all you need to know to go from working hard to working smart.

Body Language

Your prospects may be saying one thing, but their body expressions may be saying something completely different. Understanding body language interpretations can be a great guiding tool in sales to let you know if your clients are super close to buying of heading for the door. This module introduces body language and its relevance to sales.

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