Success in sales is about continuous performance improvement through self-development and attitude. In short, you have to want to achieve and win to be successful in sales.

In this book, you’ll not find complex neurological sales theories or scientific equations as to why people buy.

What you will find are solid, practical and dynamic approaches to the sales process that are simple to understand and digest.

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Colin will provide a path for your long term sales success. By following these sales techniques, you’ll build your sales confidence and your sales competencies.

BRYAN FLANAGAN, VP of Sales & Training, Zig Ziglar Corporation, Dallas, Texas

Colin is the most talented sales professional I have come across in my professional life. He is one of those rare individuals that can both sell and coach others to improve.

MAURIZIO BISICKY, Executive Board Member, Arabian Falcon, Dubai, UAE

A debut book characterizes the art of selling as building relationships.  Any volume about the sales profession has a hard enough time being noticed, much less rising above the pack. There are countless books on the topic, some classics, that preach selling philosophies, encourage the use of sales systems, and proffer countless tips.  So it’s valid to question whether yet another title has anything new to add.  This volume by a professional sales coach doesn’t necessarily deliver something brand new; still, it packages advice in an easy-to-read manner with a nice balance of the conceptual and the concrete.  The overarching theme—building relationships with prospects and customers—may seem obvious to the more experienced consultative salesperson, but it is skillfully driven home in chapter after chapter.  The author sets the stage by describing modern-day prospects who, because of the vast availability of information, “may have a better idea of the product they require.”  He suggests this is a key reason salespeople must act as consultants who lead potential customers to buy, rather than imposing their wills.  The secret sauce of selling is simple to state but hard to deliver: “Confidence, trust, belief, and transparency are the difference,” Knowles writes.  The book then delves into two areas of critical importance: self-development and skills development.  Knowles addresses such personal attributes as attitude, positive thinking, and enthusiasm, as well as skills including professionalism and time management.  He is at his strongest when discussing relationship building: how to become an active listener, how to read and use body language, and perhaps most important, how to ask great questions.  Knowles provides specific examples of “goal-oriented questioning,” a technique that “reveals key hot buttons you can use later in your presentation to” prospects.  His counsel on handling objections and closing techniques is sensible and wise.  His explanation of the “four pillars of selling” is also useful; balanced correctly, they can potentially lead to higher success in selling.

Smart, on target, and born of experience, this strong volume should be highly instructive for the novice and reassuring to the accomplished salesperson.

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