Is Sales a Numbers Game?


Sales closing techniques – do they work or is sales success simply a numbers

is sales a numbers game

Sure, if you had a line of a million people and you asked each one Would you like to buy this? then you’d probably expect a percentage to agree.

However, if sales is indeed a numbers game, then why are there Top Performers? Also, if we look at the Pareto Principal, why does (theoretically) 20% of the sales force produce 80% of the volume?

Anybody that considers sales to be a numbers game is, on one hand correct. What we do know for sure, is that in sales, we do need to see the numbers for us to sell anything.

On the other hand, relying on the numbers to create the sale will result in missing out hugely. What we don’t know is which of the numbers buy.

Treating sales as a numbers game is an insult to those top performers that strive to reach higher levels.  They understand there is no graduation in sales and continually push themselves to improve their sales performance.

They do this by staying one step ahead. They dedicate time to research their product or service thoroughly.  They keep themselves up to date with what’s happening within their industry both the good and the bad.  Top performers strive to better themselves by perfecting their sales skills and professionalism.

is sales a numbers game Just Go Sell

They treat their prospects with respect. They understand the importance of giving 100% focus and effort to their current Number and not to save it for the next Number.  Sales success doesn’t come from your next prospect, it’s comes with the one you’re currently with.

The reason they are Top Performers is that they understand the need to perfect their sales craft in order to identify the numbers that buy. By doing so, they also turn non buying numbers in to buying ones as their commitment to sales excellence pays off.

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