Outsell “The Recession”


Since 2009, 24 hour news TV channels,newspapers, radio and the rest of the world’s media have forced us daily, hourly and even to the minute to listen orOutsell "The Recession" read about “The Financial Crisis!”, “Markets in Despair!” and “Recession to get worse!”.

Their words backed up and echoed by huge financial investment corporations being interviewed “Live” on primetime slots.

Outsell "The Recession"Let’s look at this a little closer. Media Corporations are a business right? They did not set up as a registered charity. They went into business to make profit, just like every other profit driven organization. The big 24 hour news channels are broadcasting everyday and night to make their shareholders happy.

To keep the shareholders happy requires a cycle. The way media channels make money is mainly through sponsors advertising. The sponsors invest based on numbers tuned in to the media channel. The way the media channels maintain and increase their numbers is to “sell” their product effectively.

“Reporting the news” is one thing; “Selling the story” is another.

Remember the 24/7 live coverage of the Iraq conflict? Or the Afghanistan conflict? Media reporters meters away from the frontline; explosions, fire, chaos and gunshot sounds beamed directly in to our homes, as it happened.

The reports from “The studio” of how it could lead to the next “World War” or “If this happens or that happens it could lead to disaster on a Global basis”.

These sorts of slogans and statements terrified many people watching as they feared the “What if…” comments might come true.

The Media, did their job; they sold their story as millions tuned in to see the latest developments.

It is the same with the financial crisis, they are selling a story; the reason they went into business. As for the financial investment corporations going on the TV to report doom and gloom; isnt that great free advertising for them? “Come and see us, we’ll help during this time”

I’m not saying there’s no economic downturn at the moment. There have been losses of jobs and hard times for sure. However, didn’t this happen 25 years ago? and before that? and before that?

Question; from 2009 until today, have people completely stopped spending? Are shopping malls completely empty? Has not one person or company prospered during this time? Has no one taken vacations since 2009? Has not one house been sold or purchased since then? Has no one been promoted or a company expansion been reported since 2009? Have then stock market values never had an increase since then?

The fact is, even through the toughest of times, people spend. Value becomes important to more people and they may tighten their belt somewhat, but they still buy. Vacations are taken, presents are bought, cars are upgraded and restaurants used.

Let me ask a question, what would happen if the media stopped reporting the recession completely? What would happen if the “What if….” speculation from the media stopped tomorrow?

Take nothing away from the Media, they take a piece of news and sell it; extremely effectively.

The challenge is, even some sales professionals buy into the “What if…” media pitch. They can lose focus on the sales process, give up easier on prospect objections and lose their positivity; easier to blame “The recession” than their lack of effort and determination.

Prospects today have a great non-buying pact excuse “Oh the recession…”. Some sales professionals buy it or react to it (just as bad).

Think about this the next time you’re with a prospect. Do they still have their house and job? Did they come to see you?…..probably yes.

The recession is being used as an excuse by many as a smoke screen not to purchase.

Successful sales professionals remain successful because they treat this objection just like the daily objections they hear.(Selling the house, kids in college etc). They remain totally focused on the sales process.Successful Selling Outsell "The Recession"

They show the value of the product by showing the cost of not buying.
They ask smart questions to open up their clients.
They find the thread they require to create a need from the prospect.
They make a friend with the prospect to gain trust

The reason top performers continue to achieve today is they are simply better than the media at selling.

Top performers don’t ignore reality, they simply adapt.

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