First Contact With Your Prospects


Sales techniques and sales closing strategies only lead to a sale if the prospect likes the idea of what you have to offer; it must make sense and be comfortably affordable. However, before any of this process can happen, prospects must buy something else first; you!

The very first sale that is made, is the person selling it themselves. If you can’t sell yourself, then how can you expect prospects to be open to the idea of what you’re promoting? Building a relationship with your prospects starts from the very first contact you have with them; whether it be a phone call, email or in person.your prospects

As human beings, we can be very judgmental and start forming opinions within seconds of meeting someone. If you can picture this scene; it’s late at night and you’re walking home, alone. You turn the corner and stood a short distance away is someone stood under the lampost wearing a hood that you must pass.

How do you feel? What impressions has the stranger made on you? Have they made you feel anxious or nervous? This stranger could be completely harmless, simply waiting for someone with no interest in you what so ever. Even though you don’t know the strangers intentions, your natural instincts informed you to be cautious and wary.

Let’s take a different angle on the stranger; imagine it was a lady in her senior years walking her small dog. Still feel threatened, intimidated, nervous? No.

When you first make contact with your prospects, you are the stranger. It’s your responsibility to make sure you are perceived as a welcoming, non threatening person thats easy to warm too and get along with.

This is not easy to achieve as it is a skill and like all skills, needs practice to perfect. There are a few basic steps we need to get right when making that first contact;

Mind Set

Just before meeting your prospects, make sure your mind set is fantastic and your attitude totally positive. Have in your mind a strong belief in yourself and your capability. Be confident.

Look The Part

selling your prospects dress professionalCheck your reflection in the mirror. Do you look sharp? Are you dressed like a professional? Are you well groomed, no bits in your teeth following lunch? Are your shoes clean? Check your hands, are your nails clean and trimmed?; Your hands are the first thing you are going to present to the prospect when you go to shake theirs. Finally, when you look in the mirror think; “what would I think of me looking like this as a first impression if I were the prospect?”

Open and Genuine

When greeting your prospects, walk to them with confidence. No hands in pockets. Smile! Look them both in the eye and shake their hands with a firm sincerety. There’s nothing worse than a limp, weak handshake; although don’ go over the top and break their hands!

Excuse yourself and lose the stranger

Excuse yourself and leave your prospects alone for a moment within the first few minutes of meeting them. When you return to them, you are no longer a stranger.

Remember, you never get a second chance to make a first impression; get it right every time.

Happy Selling.


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