Sales Techniques – Using Testimonials


A great way to gain prospect confidence and get the sale is by using past client testimonials; or some may refer to these as 3rd party stories.

When we first greet our prospect, it’s probably fair to say they might be somewhat sceptical or perhaps wary of us – after all; we are Sales People.

It’s no secret that the very first sale that’s made is ourselves. If our prospects don’t buy us, then how can we expect them to buy what we’re offering? Once that sale is made then we have to make them comfortable with what we’re promoting.

Sharing past purchasers experiences with your current prospects is one of the best ways to achieve this.  Used correctly, testimonials can promote your product(s) usage, handle objections and gain credibility to your company.  It also demonstrates someone else has purchased prior to themselves!

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When promoting your product(s) usage you can use a previous client’s similar circumstance and the reason they bought that particular product.  Testimonies must include the main benefit as to why they purchased.  You literally tell your prospect the testimony in the form of a story;

Actually, your circumstance reminds me of John and Mary’s, clients of mine that purchased last year.  They also had a very similar situation where the door was next to impossible to open outwards or inwards.  They went for the sliding Georgian style.  With the door closed, it created the draft and sound reduction they required and when open the door slid discreetly behind the wall out of the way entirely.

Testimonies are also a great way to handle objections.  One of the best ways to do this is use the Feel, Felt and Found technique.

Thank you John and Mary for sharing your concern with me.  I appreciate how you FEEL; Robert and Joan, my last clients FELT exactly the same as they lived next to the airport.  They FOUND by purchasing the version 2 model they gained over 40% more sound reduction than the standard version.

Testimonies, can also promote your company’s credibility.

As to our company, we won 4 major awards for glass safety and security last year by the XYZ Safety Council.  We have been recognized and mentioned for our outstanding contribution and commitment in caring for the environment with the manufacturing of our products. Just Windows magazine has featured us in several issues in recognition of the quality of our product quoting “An outstanding product and great value for money.

Finally, don’t use yourself as a testimony.  Prospects don’t want to hear about you “I do this…I do that……”  It’s not about you; it’s about prospects seeing solutions and usages through others that have purchased before them.

Give it a go!

Happy Selling!

Col 🙂


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