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Ask any Sales Coach, Life Coach or Mentor and they’ll all probably agree that your personal attitude will be the cause or solution of any given situation.

There are literally hundreds of books, websites and audio recordings of how attitude will change your perspective on challenges and naturally change your life for the better.

Some demonstrate their commitment to a positive attitude by leaping out of bed in the morning screaming what a great day today will be, while others walk over burning cinders barefoot.

I’m sure all reading this will agree that a healthy positive attitude must have some kind of effect one way or another. Let’s be honest, with so many people writing about attitude and so many testimonials telling us how it has changed their terrible situation; there must be something in it!

Whether you agree with attitude being a positive influence or not, there is one thing for sure; you cannot escape your attitude.

The way you walk, talk, close the car door, brush your hair, stand in a queue and every other movement you make will project an attitude about yourself to others around you. Those others will form opinions of you based on that projection.

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As we can never escape our attitude, it’s important we learn how to control it. This makes attitude a skill, and as we know, a skill can be learned and developed.

Here’s a little take on attitude that I like to share with people and please don’t worry; I’m not about to tell you to walk over hot coals or swim with sharks!

A simple way to develop your attitude is to learn how to respond and never react. This is a very positive start.

Let’s say you go to the doctor and you are given a prescription for some tablets then one week later you go back for an update. If the doctor informs you that your body is “reacting” to the tablets, that’s not good. If the doctor advises you that your body is “responding” to the tablets then that’s good.

Nothing ever good comes out of reacting to a situation; it is usually done without thought or consideration to the consequences. It can be hurtful and in my experience has never created a sale.

No matter what the situation, or how bad it appears on the surface; pause. Compose yourself for just a few moments and think. Reflect on what has just been said or done. Will getting angry or aggressive change things or improve the situation?

Reaction or response in sales usually occurs when an objection is made by our prospects. It is up to us in our attitude to determine if we either respond or react to them.

As Sales Professionals, we should know an objection is a buying signal; the prospect is simply asking for clarification to a statement you have made. It certainly shows they are listening to what you have to say; otherwise the objection would never have been raised.

If we react to their objection with sarcasm or a little too defensive/aggressive it will simply convince the prospects that their concern was correct and they “touched a nerve” with you. This will obviously result in no sale and they will have formed an opinion of your attitude that is not complimentary. They will share this negative opinion of you with their potential prospect friends. So not only has your attitude lost you the sale with them, it has cost you future business with their friends.

Responding to their objection is a much better attitude.

“That’s a very good point you make, thank you for sharing that with me…”

“I can see that’s important to you and please let me share with you….”

As human beings it is in our nature to judge people by what we see and hear; remember you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

As sales professionals it is up to us to learn how to control and develop the skill of Attitude for success Just Go Sellour attitude. We need to understand and accept that it is something we cannot simply hide and something, no matter what, we’ll always project.

Happy Selling 😉


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