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As a sales professional, it is our responsibility to get the foundations of our sales structure as solid as we possibly can.  For example;  we need to ensure our product knowledge is razor sharp and up to the minute.  We need to know what our competitors are up to and where our product advantages are to be found.

It’s important we know the basics of the sales process. This involves knowing how to actively listen to our prospects, understand their needs and how to gain this information through smart open questioning.

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Once we have the basics in place, we need to practice them until we become confident and comfortable when we use them. The ability to ask a closing question with confidence, transparency and clarity will result in a very positive response. Sounding robotic or stumbling when using a sales skill is very embarrassing for both the prospect and the sales professional and usually results in a negative reply.

However, you may have mastered your product knowledge AND have every confidence in your sales skills AND know most responses when handling objections BUT; how good are you when it comes down to asking for the business?

As unbelievable as it may seem, many prospects don’t buy because they simply were not asked to do so!

Let’s take an example.  Imagine, we have a sales professional that has spent a lengthy amount of time with their prospects.  The sales person has formed a great relationship, has actively listened and knows exactly the prospects needs. Sales skills have been used with transparency and confidence to find out their budget and timeline. They have compared with competitors and even the prospects agree that the product the sales professional is promoting is the best for them.

Then, the time comes for the sales professional to reveal the price.  Out comes theask for the business Just Go Sell pen and pad. Confidently, the sales professional writes the down payment and the options to pay the balance. They then turn the paper round for the prospects to view. The sales professional, in silence, then looks at the paper and then at the prospects.  The prospects look at the paper and then back at the sales professional, who in return does exactly the same thing again back at the prospect. In this silent standoff, several glances from both the prospect and the sales professional occur back and forward at each other and the figures on the piece of paper.

Finally, not knowing what to do, the prospects break the embarrassing silence and ask if they can take the price sheet away to think about it.  The deflated sales professional lets them go and hopes in vain that they return to place the order.

This scenario happens too many times.

The solution is very simple; ask the prospects for the business.

Before you show the price, clarify that the prospects would buy if the price is affordable;

John and Mary, is this something you can use? And you like? So, if it’s comfortably affordable you’ll take it?

(If they say anything other than “Yes” at this point, you’ve missed an objection at some point during your presentation.)

Once you write the price down and turn it for the prospect to view you can continue;

The down payment is normally paid using a credit card, is that good for you?

For the balance would you prefer the finance option or cash?

Reach your hand over to the prospects and shake it to congratulate them on their new purchase.

ask for the business and get the deal Just Go Sell

Finally, if all else fails – just say;

Would you like to buy it? 🙂

Ask for the business, give it a go!

Happy Selling!



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    • Peggy on September 9, 2013 at 21:18
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    Interesting blog. I suppose we are sometimes too scared to get a NO and then we do not ask at all.
    I find that I get a better picture of what to expect when I ask my clients ‘what kind of clients are they?’ Then they look at me blank and I explain, are they the type who need to think everything through and always feel there is something better out there and can never make a decision or are they the type of client who knows what he wants and when he sees a good deal, goes for it without hesitation?Often they actually prefer to BE the second type and it may make them decide faster than they otherwise would.
    Keep them coming Colin 🙂

    • Lizzie on August 26, 2013 at 16:42
    • Reply

    Simply the best! This man knows exactly what he’s talking about and how it works. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us Colin after all those years of hard work, study and continuous performance.

    • Freddy on August 22, 2013 at 17:18
    • Reply

    Reading your advises will for sure help me to be every days better on sales.Thank you for sharing your experiences and Tips.

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