The words we use in sales…..a kind of magic!

The words we use in sales are like a kind of magic and have a phenomenal impact when it comes to making our point. They can switch the attention of prospects in to overdrive, filling them with excitement and full engagement. They can also have the complete opposite effect by boring the pants off of them, sending them in to a wonderful night’s sleep. The words we use are super important.

Would you ever describe the most amazing place you’ve ever vacationed as pleasant?

Would you ever describe the most phenomenal dish you’ve ever eaten as nice?

Would you ever describe the best movie you’ve ever seen as interesting?

Life would be pretty boring if you did and it probably wouldn’t inspire our friends and family to follow in our footsteps and get a piece of what we had just experienced. If you find you are not getting the complete attention from your prospective clients, it could be that you are boring them with flat words.

Flat words don’t create excitement, ambience or paint a picture. They simply exist not actually describing anything truly tangible. For example – does the word NICE actually describe anything to you? Do you know exactly what is trying to be explained to you?


The room was really nice…..

Does that sentence drive you to go take a look at that room? Has it described the ambience? The smell? The decor?

That was the best movie I’ve ever seen, it was so interesting…..

Are you now so excited that you must rush out to go get tickets to see that movie right now? Has that made you feel the suspense? The intrigue? The mood? The romance?


We need to get a reality check on the words we are using when we are engaging our prospects and if needs be, give them a complete shake up to make them more invigorating and inspiring.

It’s not difficult! Here’s a few tips to get you out of the flat and into the buzz.

When it comes to describing something…

STOP YOURSELF from using a flat word.


USE A DESCRIPTIVE replacement word.

The words we use in sales. Stop using flat words and start using descriptive replacement words

The words we use and how to start…

Here’s an example . You could replace…

The smell of the coffee was nice – – – TO – – – The aroma or the roasting coffee was intense.

The easiest way to create and use BUZZ words is to think about the 5 human senses.

The words we use in sales. The 5 senses with help us with the words we use

On a daily basis, start to include descriptive words that will trigger responses to the 5 human senses with the people you meet.

The balmy breeze was refreshing in the hot sun

The sunlight on the sea was so bright, it was blinding

The fiery heat from the chillies added just enough spice

You don’t need to be a walking thesaurus or poet to perfect your patter of buzz words but just replace the non-descriptive boring flat ones.

Get out of your comfort zone and give it a blast. It’ll feel a little weird at first but this is a skill and you need to practice a skill to perfect it. Once you’ve used your new skill a few times, it will become natural and you’ll hardly ever use flat words again. A very common result of using buzz words is that when you hear others using flat ones, you’ll pick up on it big time.

Listening to a person that has perfected their craft using buzz words is amazing. It’s captivating, inspiring and extremely persuasive. They can take you on a journey and without even moving, let you experience the sights, smells and sounds of what it was like.

This is a truly phenomenal selling tool!

Learn how to improve your word descriptions and understand your craft better.

You could be using those magic words and closing more sales!

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