Overselling is desperate selling so back off to sell more

When you bombard your prospects with too many features and benefits then jazz everything up so much that it really is too good to be true, the chances are that’s exactly what they’ll think it is. Overselling is desperate selling so back off to sell more!

Overselling is desperate selling. Keep selling simple

Many sales people are so keen to blurt out just how great their product is, that they don’t realize just how desperate they appear. When this happens, their prospects are convinced there is a fault in the product as it’s making this salesperson crazy and desperate to sell.

The most consistent sales professionals are the ones that sell with confidence. They are cool, calm and composed and don’t flap around like a just sprung Jack in the box.

Stay cool calm and composed in sales. Don't be a Jack in the Box

Sales skills are not all about the features and benefits of your product. They are also there to encourage the prospects to have an open mind. One of the best sales skills of all to do this is… The Take Away.

The Take Away is the complete opposite of the FAB (feature, advantage and benefit). You are taking your product away from your prospect suggesting that what you are offering might not be for them. When you do this correctly, you are instantly coming from a position of strength and confidence. You are also demonstrating that your product is that good that there’s no need to sell it as clients are happily buying it already.

I mentioned the correct way to present The Take Away. The art is not to appear sarcastic or condescending when using it. It’s very easy to come across this way. It must be done with respect for the prospects, using very open body language and a light tone of voice. Never fold your arms or present the take away with closed body language.

Here are three examples of using The Take Away:

Here is a great one for the Now or Never sales professionals working in the decision today industry (door to door, timeshare etc.)

The Take Away. This is the opposite of FABS features advantages and benefits

Overselling is desperate selling so back off to sell more!

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