Category: Sales Foundation

Ask For The Business

ASK FOR THE BUSINESS ~ As a sales professional, it is our responsibility to get the foundations of our sales structure as solid as we possibly can. For example; we need to ensure our product knowledge is razor sharp and up to the minute. We need to know what our competitors are up to and …

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Is Sales a Numbers Game?

IS SALES A NUMBERS GAME? ~ Sales closing techniques – do they work or is sales success simply a numbersgame? Sure, if you had a line of a million people and you asked each one Would you like to buy this? then you’d probably expect a percentage to agree. However, if sales is indeed a …

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Sales Skills and Transparency?

CAN SALES SKILLS AND TRANSPARENCY WORK TOGETHER? ~ Sales skills are sometimes considered as underhanded or somewhat shifty. I’ve actually heard them referred to as some kind of “hoodwinking” technique that blinds the prospect from the truth to force the sale. There are sales trainers that promote honesty and transparency over sales skills. They insist that …

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