Tag: Selling the Story

Dwelling on defeat?

DWELLING ON DEFEAT? ~ When you give up in your mind, your mind gives up on you. We must believe and be totally convinced there is an opportunity with every prospect we see instead of dwelling on defeat and failure. It is our responsibility as sales professionals to ask the right open questions to find …

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Sales Techniques – Using Testimonials

SALES TECHNIQUES – USING TESTIMONIALS ~ A great way to gain prospect confidence and get the sale is by using past client testimonials; or some may refer to these as 3rd party stories. When we first greet our prospect, it’s probably fair to say they might be somewhat sceptical or perhaps wary of us – after …

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Outsell The Recession

OUTSELL THE RECESSION (2007 -2009) ~ Since 2007, 24 hour news TV channels, newspapers, radio and the rest of the world’s media have forced us daily, hourly and even to the minute to listen or read about The Financial Crisis!, Markets in Despair! and Recession to get worse! Their words backed up and echoed by …

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