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Sales Closing

Total Prospect Understanding

TOTAL PROSPECT UNDERSTANDING ~ ~ ~ Successful selling applying sales closing techniques are only effective if the prospect trusts us and has confidence in our ability as a sales professional. A positive mental attitude and healthy leadership qualities are an essential trait to have as a sales professional, but will lead to nothing if the …

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Closing and Clarifying

CLOSING AND CLARIFYING ~ Don’t Like Closing? Closing is probably the most feared part of the sales process for both the prospect and the sales professional. For the prospect this is the anticipation of feeling trapped and pressured. For the sales professional, the risk of damaging that hard earned relationship and crushing the work they’ve …

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Your Attitude

YOUR ATTITUDE ~ Ask any Sales Coach, Life Coach or Mentor and they’ll all probably agree that your personal attitude will be the cause or solution of any given situation. There are literally hundreds of books, websites and audio recordings of how attitude will change your perspective on challenges and naturally change your life for …

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Sales Techniques – Using Testimonials

SALES TECHNIQUES – USING TESTIMONIALS ~ A great way to gain prospect confidence and get the sale is by using past client testimonials; or some may refer to these as 3rd party stories. When we first greet our prospect, it’s probably fair to say they might be somewhat sceptical or perhaps wary of us – after …

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First Contact With Your Prospects

FIRST CONTACT WITH YOUR PROSPECTS ~ Sales techniques and sales closing strategies only lead to a sale if the prospect likes the idea of what you have to offer; it must make sense and be comfortably affordable. However, before any of this process can happen, prospects must buy something else first; you! The very first …

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